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August 24 , 2011 by: Daniela Bowker Uncategorized

S2100pj black

Right Lovelies, seeing as you’re probably all getting camera fatigue today with this swathe of announcements, I’ve bundled together four of Nikon’s latest releases and we’ll have a whistle-stop look at the S1200pj (I’m not sure that naming a camera after nightclothes is sensible, but never mind), the S100, the S4150, and the S6150. Are you ready for this? Deep breath, here we go.


The major selling point of this one is the in-built projector (I’m presuming that’s why it has ‘pj’ in the name). This one succeeds the S110pj, its projector is 20 lumens brighter and it can connect to an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad for video sharing.

It has a 14 megapixel CCD sensor, makes 720p HD videos, has a 5x optical zoom lens, and four anti-blur functions. Of course, there’s the range of in-camera effects, too, including soft focus nostalgic sepia, fisheye, and miniature.

It comes in black or pink and costs a smidge under £400.


This is ultra-pocketable camera at only 18.1mm wide and comes in sleek black, glaring red, or garish pink. It has 3D shooting capability, which combines two photos taken from different angles that are then combined to become 3D when seen on a 3D-enabled screen.

It has a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor, which seems massive given its size. It can do the full HD (1080p) video recording with stereo sound-thing, has a NIKKOR wide-angle 5x zoom lens, and anti-blur technology.

In addition to 3D-ness, there’s the Easy Panorama feature to create 360° and 180° photos. You pan vertically or horizontally across a scene and the camera’s CMOS sensor takes a rapid burst of frames which it then merges together to create a panorama. (This camera does a lot of merging, doesn’t it?)

All yours for £249.99 from 1 September this year.


Nikon is billing this one as the ‘ultimate travel companion’. It has a 28-196mm optical zoom, a 16 megapixel sensor, and a touchscreen that can be used for focusing and scrolling through images. There’s a dedicated video-record button so that you can switch between stills and video fast.

Yep, it’s got in-camera editing: quick retouch, active d-lighting, soft focus, and a host of others. Anti-blur technology is there to help you get, well, blur-free images.

Fancy one? You can choose between violet, red, black, and pink, and expect to pay £159.99 for it, from 1 September.


So this one also has a touchscreen, which includes a touch shutter function and lets you edit your pictures via touch in playback mode with the requisite in-camera effects. Fewer megapixels, though, at ‘only’ 14, and a 5× optical zoom.

It comes in red, black, purple, and silver – which according to Nikon is five colours, but I can only count four there. I’m guessing this one will be slighter cheaper, but apparently it is exclusive to Jessops in the UK, so the price isn’t given. Still, available for taking easy pictures everywhere on 1 September.

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