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We all knew that it was coming, and Daniela even had a play with one at Focus on Imaging, but is the Fuji X100 worth all that drooling and yearning that we’ve been doing over it? We’ve done a round-up of the reviews to see if its retrotastic looks, its hybrid view-finder, its video capability and its 23mm lens live up to expectations and justify the absolutely silly money that people seem to be prepared to spend on them at the EBay-place. Have a look and see what people are thinking.

charlwoodphotography says ‘X100 is a brilliant little camera. It is not so much the image quality, but its handing that makes it superb. The combination of the excellent optical viewfinder and the analog controls makes it a complete pleasure to use and, very importantly, at no point in the last few days have I felt inhibited by the camera’s lack of responsiveness.’ – Read the full review on charlwoodphotography

Digitalcamerainfo says ‘We first saw the Fujifilm X100 at Photokina and were intrigued by its retro flavor, hybrid OVF/EVF, and APS-C sensor. Imagine our delight when we arrived in Yokohama to find a fully functioning X100 and a treasure trove of specs.’ – Read the full review on digitalcamerainfo

dpreivew says ‘The X100, though, is something totally different. It’s a beautifully-designed rangefinder-styled camera that squeezes an SLR-size APS-C sensor into its compact body, and sports a fixed, fast F2 maximum aperture semi-wideangle lens with a classic 35mm-equivalent field of view.’ – Read the full review on dpreview

enticingthelight says ‘It’s actually a digital camera with an APS-C 12MP CMOS sensor and a fixed 23mm f/2 lens. And see that thing that looks like an optical viewfinder? It’s a hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder, which should keep both old- and new-schoolers happy.’ – Read the full review on enticingthelight

ePHOTOzine says ‘The camera’s handling is very good, only losing points due to the lower than expected battery life. Considering the large 1800mAh battery, I would have expected longer battery life, than the CIPA rating of 300 shots. The silent shutter and the ease of use of the menus, viewing systems and controls make it an enjoyable camera to use, and it doesn’t take long to learn the camera.’ – Read the full review on ephotozine

imaging-resource says ‘On its rear panel, the Fujifilm X100 provides an unusual hybrid viewfinder, as well as a traditional LCD panel. The viewfinder is an all-glass, reverse galilean type with 90% coverage, and 0.5x magnification. It can be switched between providing a bright frame indication with parallax correction and text overlay, or a live view feed from a 1,440,000 dot electronic viewfinder.’ – Read the full review on imaging-resource

photographybay says ‘While traditionalists prefer the clear, sharp view of an ‘optical’ finder, modern electronic displays, giving data like shutter speed, aperture, white balance, exposure correction and sensitivity can aid the photographer tremendously. The new Hybrid Viewfinder on the FinePix X100 aims to give the user the ‘best of both worlds’’ -Read the full review on photographybay

PhotograhyBLOG says ‘The Fujifilm Finepix X100 is a brilliantly-realised, beautiful and intuitive camera that’s well suited to its principal use of unobtrusive, candid street photograpy. There are a few weak points in terms of its overall ease-of-use, most notably the slow write speeds and slightly sluggish auto-focusing (at least compared to a DSLR), but as a first-generation product it’s remarkably well thought out and put together.’ – Read the full review on PhotographyBLOG.

PhotoRadar says ‘You’re very much paying for the quality of the camera’s construction, though, and it’s worth remembering the highly regarded compact system options from the likes of Panasonic and Sony can be purchased cheaper than the current Fuji X100 price.’ – Read the full review on PhotoRadar.

Pocket-lint says ‘From what the world knows about the Fujifilm FinePix X100 there is every reason to be excited. It looks good, it’s well designed, it does everything you could want from a stylish compact and it simply has one of the best viewfinders we’ve ever seen anywhere full stop. If it all comes off as it should, then we’re looking at a Leica for those that could only dream before. Fingers crossed and time to start saving the pennies.’ – Read the full review on Pocket-lint

T3 says ‘The bright f/2.0 maximum aperture, 35mm equivalent lens on the front of the X100 cannot be changed, but if you like shooting in low light and attempting portraits with a shallow depth of field you won’t want it swapped. Plus having no zoom at our disposal altered the way we shot. We slowed down and were forced into a more considered approach to framing, shuffling forward or back like Cartier-Bresson (in our dreams).’ – Read the full review on T3

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